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Tooreen East - Ring Barrow 2

Tooreen East - Ring Barrow 2

This very well preserved Barrow in the Tooreen complex, is sited on a North facing slope of a NE- SW valley. It can be found in a small clearing of a coniferous forest. The monument consists of a grass covered platform (diam 10 m) defined by a flat bottomed fosse (width 2-3m) and an outer bank (width 3m) with a height ranging from 0.7 – 1.2m.

Because of its secluded location , the place has a mysterious and mythical aura about it. It’s certainly a site worth visiting and close by (100m S-W) one can also see the sizeable Prehistoric enclosure.


Section of the well preserved bank



Directions: See Tooreen Stone Circle. ( From here the Barrow is walking distance of about 0.6 km)


From the Stone Circle walk back eastwards along the road till you come to the gate.

Cross the bank here and walk SE down the hill along the woods till you reach the road below. Follow this road to the right down to the stream and cross over going upwards into the woods.

At a junction on the woodland path turn right. This will lead you upwards towards the site.


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