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Tooreen East - Miniature Stone Row

Tooreen East - Miniature Stone Row

This interesting little Stone Row which can be found in a clearing in the coniferous forest, is just 7 metres south of the overgrown Ring Barrow. Most of the whole area is covered in heather but the stones are quite visible.

The row comprises of three small stones aligned in a NE – SW direction.

The NE stone (nearest in photo) is triangular in shape and measures just 0.3 X 0.3 metres and is a mere 0.1 m tall. The centre stone is rectangular, measuring 0.35 X 0.25 m and 0.25 m tall while the stone at the SW end measures 0.5 X 0.2 metres and is the tallest at 0.35 m.

Thus, the row descends in height very slightly form SW – NE. Its overall length is 2.45 metres.The distance between the stones from SW is 0.72 m and 0.57 m.


Directions: See Tooreen West Stone Row

From the Tooreen West Stone Row, walk about 100 metres west along the forest boundary till you see a marker pointing to an entrance to the forest going south. Enter the woods here and walk 160 metres south along the paths till you reach the second clearance. The Stone Row can be found just 7 metres south of the overgrown mound of the Ring Barrow.


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