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Mysterious Rock Markings

Mysterious Rock Markings

"It was on the approach to ‘Coum Eag’ which is a dry Coum (hollow) in the Comeragh mountains that I came across this very interesting heather covered stone.

The earthfast rock has five of these curious rough circular markings on its upper surface with a further two continuing the line onto its vertical side (shaded in photo).

The curious depressions range in diameter from 2 – 5 cm with the five on the top surface covering an overall length of 30 cm.

What they represent is very difficult to say. They certainly appear to be man made and not naturally formed".

What is very interesting here though, is that the markings bear a striking resemblance to those found on a Kerbstone at Knockroe passage tomb in Co. Kilkenny. (photo below)



Submitted by M. Mullen - April 2012

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