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At Kilnagrange, within 0.5 km of each other can be found three standing stones.

Here, each one is very different than the other. However, one thing which might tie the three monuments together is that they form a rough line in a SW direction which possibly could be interpreted as being ancient route markings or perhaps boundary indicators.

The three stones are in seperate fields which are all owned by the same farmer who is a very approachable and helpful person and will be more that willing to give you permission to see them.

The main image A (above) is a red sandstone of irregular shape and almost figure like that faces north with the curved horizon of Croughan Hill in the background.

It stands 1.4 metres tall and is 1 metre at its widest.

Stone B is a bright rectangular shaped edge stone that stands in a field in front of a fine modern two story home, and like stone A above is clearly visible from the road. It’s just 1 metre high and 0.5m wide.

Stone C is a rough surfaced conglomerate, crescent shaped with dimensions that are more like those of a Portal tomb orthostat. It stands 1.25 metres tall but is almost 2 metres wide and 0.5 metres in thickness. It’s not visible from the road but is just two fields behind the house mentioned above and is easily accessed by a gate at the rear of the building.



                                                Stone B                                                                           Stone C                                            


Directions: From Kilmacthomas take the road for Fews which is a journey of 2.5km. At the crossroads in Fews turn right. Drive 1km on this road till you see farmyard buildings on your right which are up a path along a row of tall evergreen trees. Stone A is in the field just north of these buildings with stone B also visible from here to the south west.

To ask permission and directions to the other stones call to the farmhouse which is down a driveway just a further 100 metres further on up the left side.


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