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Islandikane East

Islandikane East

This modest sized standing stone stands just short of 1 metre high.

Its location bears similarities to that of the ‘White Lady’ at Ballymacaw, the stone being a similar distance of around 20 metres from the cliff edge overlooking the Celtic sea. Leaning slightly, it’s orientation is N-S.

Here again, one can only speculate if stones like these were marker perhaps for local fisherman.

Interestingly, just a short distance to the east and visible from the Islandikane stone, is the well known local landmark of the Metal Man. Here right next to the cliff are three white pillars standing in a field. On top one of them there is a figure known as the "Metal Man". These columns were erected as a warning to boats and ships coming into Tramore's shallow waters, warning them to keep out from the dangerous rocks.

So, maybe the Islandikane stone could have been an early navigation marker though one wonders how visible it was from out at sea and if it was, why was a taller stone not chosen.


The pillars of the Metal Man in the distance



Directions: See Islandikane North.

From this monument continue on the road south till you come to a T junction. Turn left here. A further 100m on is a double farm gate on the right next to a run down farmhouse and yard. From here a track leads across the fields. Walk across three fields and into the fourth. From here you can see the stone near the cliffs. Cross three fields to get there.


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