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Sheltering under the west side of Crohaun mountain and overlooking the Glendermot river is Bohadoon standing stone/stones.

This monument is unusual as a standing stone monument, as here is found two very different stones right beside each other.

The larger square shaped stone is just over 1metre tall while the slender sharply pointed one is just a little shorter at 0.8 metre.

So how did these stones come to be positioned like this?. A local farmer who has lived just down the road all his life, told me that the pointed stone was once positioned on top of the broad stone and that he saw it being maliciously knocked off a number of years ago. The fallen stone was then set in the ground beside the other one.

However, the stones do not appear to have been one complete stone originally as their profiles do not seem to match.

Is there a possibility that they may have been a Stone Pair originally. Again, this seems unlikely because of their very contrasting shapes.

So it seems and appears that the large stone may have been an original standing stone, but the question still remains, where did the other come from.


View from South West



Directions: See Treenearla Commons.

From the summit of the Mauma Pass continue on the road downwards towards Kilbrien.

After 3km take the first left turn which cuts back southwards. Drive 2km to a T junction. Turn left here and follow this road 1.5km to a Y junction. Veer left here. After 1 km take a left turn which is signposted as a Cul de Sac (Dead End). From here it is a further 1.5km to the river. The stone is in the filed on the far side of the river.


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