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A Fire Starter stone ?

A Fire Starter stone ?

“I found this interesting stone while crossing Comeragh mountain above Kilrossanty.

It measures roughly 52mm X 35mm. The circular hole/depression which is located near to one end, has a diameter of 12 mm and is 5 mm deep”.

“It fits comfortably in the left hand and suggests that it could have possibly been a ‘bearing stone’ which was used to start fire in prehistoric times.

The stone (if it is an authentic tool) was probably held in the left hand, with the hole used as socket for a spindle stick which would have been inserted in a wooden hearthboard also with a circular depression. This would have been rotated by a bow held in the right hand until the friction of the wood generated flame.

The hole has been cleaned out and on closer examination one does get the impression that rotation took place”.



Submitted by M. Mullen - April 2012

You Opinions & Comments

Date: 24/02/2014

By: Wayne Pollaccia

Subject: Fire making Tools

You are right in you assumption. I've collected Native American artifacts for many years. I have 4 such tools. All are roughly the same size as the one pictured.

Date: 28/05/2019

By: Scott Sanders

Subject: Re: Fire making Tools

Yes I found a Rock in the hills near Corona CA it fits good in my left hand

Date: 01/03/2021

By: dopeytripod

Subject: Re: Re: Fire making Tools

I found an amazing capstone/cupstone that fits perfectly in hand & is just incredibly made...If only I could sent pics!

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