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11/12/2015 13:37

Significant Find In The County

A flint axe which has been found in Waterford could be up to 700,000 years old. The exciting discovery was made by fishermen off Creaden Head. The axe could prove to be the oldest implement ever found in Ireland. Read about the story here
23/11/2015 20:34


Apologies to all recent visitors to the website for the lack of recent updates. I am currently in Cumbria, UK where I plan to visit a number of well known sites in the coming weeks including Long Meg stone circle and Castlerigg.  
23/11/2015 20:25

Latest Article

You can read a  fascinating  article about Archaeoastronomy at Coumaraglin which was recently submitted by Michael Power. The article explores the Equinox sunrise at the Bearnnamadra Gap. Click on the Articles tab above.    
01/02/2011 21:49

Painting of the "Stone Man" standing stone

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31/01/2011 13:29


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23/01/2011 22:53

Mount Melleray Ogham Stones - Stone E

  Stone E and it is the tallest of the five stones. A slate, it measures 1.8m in height,0.53m in width and 0.15m in depth. The inscription reads "DEBRANI  MAQI  ELTI  AVI  OGATOS" and translates as "Grandson of Ogatos"  
23/01/2011 20:39

Mount Melleray Ogham Stones - Stone D

  Stone D is 1.7 m tall. Its inscription reads “NISIGNI MAQI ER”... which translates Nisignos the son of Er... (last name being obliterated).  
23/01/2011 19:46

Mount Melleray Ogham Stones - Stone C

  Stone C has damage to both the top and side resulting in the loss of the beginning and ending of the inscription. It measures 1.7m in height,0.41 in width and 0.08m in depth. The remaining inscription reads "MAQI  E - -" meaning Grandson  
23/01/2011 19:03

Mount Melleray Oghham Stones - Stone B

  Stone B  measures 1.7m in height is 0.36m in width and 0.13m in depth. The bottom of the stone has been damaged with most likely the first letters of the inscription missing. The remaining letters read  “VAGNI  MUCOI  CUNIA" which translates as "Decendant of...
22/01/2011 00:00

Mount Mellaray Ogham Stones - Stone A

  Stone A is in the centre of the exhibition hall. It is the smallest of the five stones measuring 1.19m in height.0.37m in wide and 0.05m in depth. Its inscription reads "- - NA  MAQI  LUGUDECA  MUC- -  CUNEA". - "decendant of Cunea"  

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Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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