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21/07/2016 19:13

Excavation Of Waterford Ringfort

Knockhouse Heritage Trust have been in touch with the website and have provided the following information about an exciting excavation currently taking...
11/12/2015 13:37

Significant Find In The County

A flint axe which has been found in Waterford could be up to 700,000 years old. The exciting discovery was made by fishermen off Creaden Head. The axe could prove to be the...

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The county of Waterford, situated in the south-east of Ireland, is rich in ancient Megalithic monuments. 

Prehistoric Waterford documents these early structures which are thousands of years old, most of which date back to the Neolithic period (4500-2500 BC). The monuments form a remarkable collection of  intriguing architectural symbols, that stand as testaments to our forefather's way of life, their customs and beliefs and their quest for knowledge.

From a distant age of spirits and gods, they have bestowed on us a lasting legacy of reminders of a past society who sought to understand the eternal mysteries of life on earth and the hereafter.

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 In The Bowl Of The Night


Archaeoastronomy at Coumaraglin


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Waterford's Only Court Tomb



Ballinamona Lower

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Eclipse at Mauma stone

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The Standing Stones of Waterford

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The Harp Stone

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Tallest Stone


Waterford's  tallest standing stone is  located 5 km from Tramore. The impressive stone measures 3.7m in height. See it  Here


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